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Business Cards in the making

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I can not believe that I AM IN!!! yes! I have been accepted to be part of the Pool Art 2017. I have to thanks my husband and my cousin who have been on my back since we visited the Pool Art last year, my cousin would say: There is no way you will not be part of the Pool Art next year!!! So I finally painted a collection of paintings to present plus a couple older ones, and now I am getting things organized before the set up day.

One of the important things to have ready is my Business cards, first I wanted to have many of my paintings on the front of the card an then all my addresses in the back , but then after some brain storming with my Sweety (my husband) we decided on a detail of a painting with just the address of my website on both side, but I wasn't completely in love yet...

And my super long website address was bothering me too!!! So I got the domain for my website, got rid of the text on my faces, change for a more appropriate back of card...

There they were! I loved them on screen, now I had to wait to have them in real, I wanted to be nice thing to keep so I had them made on a thick kind of paper and plastified.

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