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My Elephant

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

After painting my "three ladies", I wanted to work on an even bigger scale, I needed a new subject and I remembered my husband got this little wooden elephant (his favorite animal) and that got me the idea. At that time we were living in this old spanish flat, it made a beautiful home, high ceiling, double doors for each room,...mixed with some modern features like the lightings, kitchen fittings,... but most of all it had those very strong and colorful tiles, they were beautiful, but the walls could use a neutral, bright painting, so there i would paint a huge white elephant on a white background. I started by drawing the giant animal on a 180cm by 180cm canvas, and then I covered the animal shape, sticking torn magazines pagers using wallpaper glue. After making sure it was all dry I painted it in white, actually a few layers of white...It was really nice you could see and feel the elephant skin. At that time, I was really busy with Jack and I was getting more and more uncomfortable with my pregnancy, it was a really hot summer, and then we decided to move to a bigger place close to the beach, so my elephant went to stand by for quiet a while... Our new place was amazing!!!, a duplex on the 12th floor, it was brand new with so much light! It was screaming for colors!!! When I finally decided to continue my elephant, the white was out , and red came in!!! I used some tiles that I made with clay months before with Jack , and had some tiny mirrors that I used as well, I like the mix of techniques, and Barcelona being well known for mosaïc, I just wanted some integrated in my painting...

The Gentle Giant, 2007.

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