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Fans of Comic Books

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I wanted to get a nice birthday present for Matilda's godfather, Mr Z, and as a fan of comic book, I thought why not pick one of his favorites, and make it as a painting. My husband (fan as well) helped me to choose the book and the page...

I drew first all the outlines and then painted color by color, it was easy in a way that it was only plain shades but the scale of it, and the details!... I spent so much more time that I though I would!!!! So yeah, I didn't finish on time... But I think it didn't matter at the end, because I loved it and HE LOVED IT TOO!!!... And there it is...

'The day the earth stood still', after the Watchmen, 2006

My husband a "bit jealous" wanted one too, so from "The Samourai, heaven and earth",...

The Samourai, after "The samourai", 2006 sorry the picture is not so good, the flash is making the painting shiny:-(

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